Board and Chairs

Santa Barbara Sea Shell Association

2017 Board and Chairpersons

The following is a list of elective and appointive committee heads of the SBSSA for 2017.  Their responsibilities are shown so that you may direct your questions appropriately.

COMMODORE:  Larry Fiscalini

  • Direct activities of the organization *  Fill board vacancies

  • Preside over meetings *  Wine Event

  • Establish Schedule *  Award Solo Certificates

  • Appoint Chairpersons/with Board *  Run Dingy Jamboree with board

  • Publicize SBSSA activities as needed *  Web Site

1st VICE COMMODORE:  Nicolas Hogasten

  • Preside in absence of commodore *  Make race committee assignments for season’s

  • Establish skipper class assignments                    racing days.

with board approval *  Assist safety boat chair

  • Oversee Race Committee and provide *  Give hands-on safety boat training

Instructions *  Feva Coordinator

  • Maintain First aid kit supplies

2nd VICE COMMODORE:  Farhad Mirbod

  • Conduct introductory instructional *  Assign instructors for Hut meetings

Series *  Turnabout

  • Prepare instructional materials for *  Pre-Season organize Flyer and days

general meetings *  Skipper Party

  • Organize seamanship test and requirements for Cadet Cup.


  • Calculate year-end results for *  Maintain adult race results

  • Children’s and adult’s trophies *  Keep track of novice’ solos

  • First Firsts *  Train Back up Race Committee

  • Record weekly race results/upload to website.

SECRETARY:  Shea Lovan

  • Record minutes of all official board *  Maintain registration and other forms

Meetings *  Manage registration process forms/money  

  • Maintain membership and mailing *  Collect mail every two weeks and get to

Lists     Treasurer.

  • Prepare all correspondence including

TREASURER:  Per Elmfors

  • Prepare budget *  Be in charge of association funds

  • Maintain general financial accounts *  Prepare financial reports

  • Collect annual fees, contributions and *  Manage all bills

sales revenues *  Written schedule of bills/fees

  • Maintain active budget *  Donation Letter

  • Redo expense form w/ Commodore *  SBSSA tax declaration and reporting.


  • Arrange for trophies *  Prepare list of winners for annual dinner

  • Purchase and engrave tropies *  Prepare list for all awards

  • Assist Commodore in general *  Reserve camping

administrative duties *  Sea Scout Liason

  • Plaque for all seashells/distribute mini plaques at Hut.


  • Maintain safety boats, motors, trailers, *  Advise with SRC management or repairs for rental

and safety equipment.     fleet.

  • Arrange for storage at end of season. *  DMV Registration/permits.

  • Make sure safety boat gets transported *  Harbor Master liaison.

to out of town regattas.

FEVA COORDINATOR:  Nicolas Hogasten

  • Permits, 1st Friday in March. *  Manage all Feva activities, agreements,    

   Responsibilities and expectations.

  • Educate new skippers about Feva’s.

  • Feva clinic.


  • Maintain list of all SBSSA rental items *  Coordinate any rental boat or parts sales

  • Manage all documentation for rental fleet

  • Organize new renters pre/post season repair day

  • Manage check out and return of rentals for season


  • Understanding of history of club. *  Support board as needed.


ASST. RASE SECRETARY:  __________________________________________

  • Score all races/provide results to race secretary

T-SHIRT COORDINATOR:  __________________________________________  

  • Work with the supplier *  Work to introduce new creative items

  • Takes orders and collect money from members

  • Distribute shirts, etc. to membership

CONDO MANAGER:  ______________________________________________

  • Assign condo racks *  Determine ongoing repair schedule w/Commodore

  • Oversee condo work day *  Create new solutions for use of space

RULES/PROTEST CHAIRMAN:  ______________________________________

  • Supervise all protests on the beach

  • Assist 2nd Vice Commodore and Education Chair

With rules of the road

EDUCATION/SEAMANSHIP CHAIR:  _________________________________

  • Assist 2nd Vice Commodore with instruction on the beach and during meetings

  • Plan and coordinate the seamanship test

SOCIAL CHAIRMAN:  _____________________________________________

  • Coordinate special functions:

    • Commodore picnic

    • Memorial Day BBQ

    • Skipper’s Party

    • Giorgi Park Potluck

    • Perpetual Awards Banquet

WINE TASTING CHAIRMAN:  ________________________________________

  • Manage and recruit committee members

    • Wine procurement

    • Boat procurement

    • Food chairman

    • Silent auction

    • Desert table

    • Ticket Sales

    • Ticket/poster design

    • Table captain glass, tables linens.

NEWSLETTER:  Larry Fiscalini

WEBMASTER:  Malvina Clavering

DIRECTORY:  Catherine Gloster

MEDIA COORDINATOR:  __________________________________________

MISSION BAY SERIES:  ____________________________________________

  • Make reservations at hotel for a block of rooms

  • Print up and distribute flyers with all the details of the weekend event

  • Plan activities

  • Plan and coordinate Friday and Saturday night dinners

  • Record race results

LAKE LOPEZ SERIES:  _______________________________________________

  • Make reservations

  • Print and distribute informational flyer

  • Collect money for dinner and prepare a list of attendees

  • Order food from caterer

  • Arrange to have food transported to the campground

  • Plan activities

BOAT FOR SALE CHAIRMAN:  Mike McEachen/Shea Lovan


SKIPPER-ELECTED POSITIONS:  ______________________________________

REAR COMMODORES:  ____________________________________

  • Conduct adult races

  • Assist Staff Commodore in handing out trophies

HISTORIANS:  Catherine Gloster

  • Take and publish all photos on Google photo

  • Record unusual happenings during the season

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