A View of the Sailing Season

Commodore's Message:

Welcome to the 2017 Santa Barbara Sea Shell Association

It is with great appreciation and excitement that I have received the honor to be the Commodore for the 2017 SBSSA season.  You see, this is a tradition for my wife Tracy’s family.  Our son Kai, is a fourth generation Skipper, in his third season.  The experience for our family has been great.  The association is welcoming, helpful, and invested in the success of each skipper.

What we do

SBSSA hold races each Sunday from the beginning of April through October.  The skippers are broken up into one of four fleets, A Fleet, B Fleet, C Fleet, and the Novice Fleet.  Each skipper is place into the fleet based on experience and ability, not age.  Experience is not required and in most cases, the SBSSA is the first sailing experience for the sailors.  All sailors will receive assistance to help their sailing no matter their level.  The SBSSA has families from all levels of sailing which give our skippers a great opportunity to learn from sailors with amazing talent.    

On the Move

The SBSSA has changed over the years.  The original members and for numerous seasons to follow, had to build their own Seashell out of teak, which seems like an awesome weekend project.  We now sail the US Sabot, which is easy to rig, fun to sail, and very durable.  In 2016, the SBSSA added an entire 10 Sabot rental fleet, which gives first time families a new option to get their kids sailing without the first year commitment of the expense of purchasing a Sabot.   We continue to offer a broader program with the : Fleet to keep the skippers sailing past the Sabot Fleet.  The Association has done a great job keeping up with the times while holding true to the core values.  The SBSSA is focused on building children’s sailing skills, confidence on the water and reading and adjusting to conditions.

Family Run Association

We are a 100% family run organization, everyone is involved.  From the board to the committee chairs, to the race committee on Sundays at the beach, we are all in.  Luckily, with a 69 year history, we have a great road map of success before us and our responsibility is keeping up with the times and welcoming new skippers to the sailing experience.   

Our Events

2017 will be filled with activities.  The Association believes that unity is one of our greatest strengths.  Therefor we hold great events such as the Commodore’s BBQ on Sunday May 28th, Turnabout June 17th, Giorgi Park pot luck July 7th, 2 Dingy Jamboree’s, one in summer and one the final day of the season, two summer get a ways, one to San Diego and the other to Lopez Lake, and our end of year Awards Banquet at the Santa Barbara Yacht Club.  The one event you may have heard of is our Wine Tasting Fundraiser held each year the first Saturday of October at Marina 1 in the Santa Barbara Harbor.  This is our only fundraising event of the year and its all hands on deck.       

On behalf of the 2017 Board and all SBSSA members, I would welcome you,

Larry Fiscalini

2017 Commodore

Email: commodore@sbssa.org

Cell: 805-680-8246

Santa Barbara Seashell Association

PO Box 3075

Santa Barbara, CA 93130

Webmaster SBSSA,
Mar 20, 2016, 12:24 PM