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Instructional Series

The first few days of the season, we will focus on the basics. On the first instructional day, we’ll have a few boats set up on the beach, where we will learn the parts of the sailboat and what they do, how to rig a Sabot, and some sailing concepts. This will be followed by an online test to help you understand and remember what we learned on the beach.

On the next instructional day, we will have a quick refresher to revisit the basics. We will introduce the racing rules and learn some sailor’s knots. The following day, we will go out on the water for some practice sailing. There won’t be any organized racing this day; it’s just a chance to spend some time on the water getting used to your boat.

New sailors can be paired up with a returning Sea Shells’ skipper to help with rigging and sailing. Returning sailors must also attend the instructional series, to meet and assist the new skippers, and to become acquainted with their new boat (if advancing).

Feva skippers will learn how to rig RS Feva, how to properly use the marine VHF radio, how to fly the asymmetrical spinnaker, and to practice sailing, capsizing, and righting the RS Feva.