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76 Years of
Sea Shells

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Who are the Sea Shells?

The Santa Barbara Sea Shell Association (“Sea Shells”) is a family-run organization fostering healthy, independent children by developing and encouraging youth sailing skills.

Founded in 1948, the Sea Shells mission is to teach children, ages 8–18, the art, skill, and sport of sailing, and to impart a love of sailing, a stewardship of our local harbor, and a sense of community through family-oriented and volunteer-driven programming. For 75 years, the Sea Shells have taught sailing, seamanship, self-reliance, and teamwork. In addition to the weekly Sunday regattas, there are picnics, instructional days, work days, parties, and road trips. Skippers and families develop strong, long-term friendships. Many skippers who learned through Sea Shells continue sailing in our Santa Barbara community and beyond.

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Race Results 2024

See the race results for the 2024 season.

First Annual SBSSA Alumni Regatta

On July 2nd, the Santa Barbara Sea Shell Association held the current member junior Zimmerman Cup regatta, and the first annual Semana Nautica Alumni Regatta.

Condo Renovation Project

The Sea Shell condos are in urgent need of renovations due to the elements and pests. Please consider making a donation to help us repair our boat storage condos!

Race Results 2023

See the race results for the 2023 season.