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Note: Registration is now closed for the 2024 season. See you next year!

Each registering family will need a family membership, which will include all skippers in the family. Each skipper will need his/her/their own boat.

For first year skippers or returning skippers who were not yet promoted to “A” or “B” fleet, please choose the US Sabot as your boat for 2023. You may already own your own Sabot, you may charter from the club, or you may arrange to buy a US Sabot from another member or from an outside source.

For returning skippers previously promoted to “A” or “B” fleet, please select RS Tera and O’pen Skiff. Your permanent boat for the season will be assigned following the completion of the “Warm-Up Series.” Due to limited availability, RS Teras and O’pen Skiffs may be assigned based on a combination of sailing experience and on a first come, first served basis.

14+ skippers must sail in our RS Feva fleet and their families should select that option at registration.

If you have any questions, please email the commodore.

Family membership:  $200 (one payment for all skippers in a family)

Skipper renting a club US Sabot, O’pen Skiff, or RS Tera:

  • US Sabot charter/storage: $300

Skipper with his/her/their own boat:

  • Condo fee to store your US Sabot: $175

Skipper in the RS Feva Fleet (shared vessel):

  • RS Feva per skipper fee: $300