Instructional Series

The first 3 Sundays of the Season are focused on Instructionals. Teaching new skippers basic skills about the boat and sailing. For returning skippers, helping the new skippers and also learning more about rules. Feva skippers will learn about the specifics of their boat.


Station 1: Boat Parts

Learn about the boat parts and how they impact your sailing

Station 2: Wind direction, sail trim

Learn how to position your boat, trim the sail depending on the wind direction. Learn about basic moves to make the boat turn or go straight.

Station 3: Knots

Learn how to do the basic knots: bowline, figure of 8


Station 4: Boat tour

An older skipper will bring novice skippers on the water to experience sailing

Station 5: Returning Skippers: Help and Rules

Returning skippers must attend Instructionals to help. It is part of Seamanship. In addition, there will be refresher training about the rules

Station 6: Feva Skippers

Feva skippers will learn how to rig RS Feva, care for the sail, learning how to use the radios, practice sailing and capsizing