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Basic Sailing Knots

In this video, former Sea Shells Vice Commodore Bryan Murphy teaches a few basic sailing knots: the bowline and the figure-eight.

How to Rig a US Sabot

In this video, we learn how to rig a US Sabot. Keep in mind that some Sabots have slightly different rigging. In particular, the outhauls on many sabots are led back to the thwart, whereas in this video the outhaul terminates on the boom.

How to Tack a Sabot

We now know that a sailboat cannot sail directly upwind. But we know that a sailboat can work its way upwind by tacking. In this video, we learn how to efficiently tack a Sabot.

Intro to the Racing Rules of Sailing

This video offers a brief introduction to the most important of the Racing Rules of Sailing. But remember, the number one rule is to avoid collisions, if at all possible.

  • When on opposite tacks, the boat on starboard tack has right-of-way over the vessel on port tack.
  • When on the same tack and there is overlap between two vessels, the leeward boat has right of way over the windward boat.
  • A vessel that is overtaking (approaching from behind) must keep clear of the vessel clear ahead.
  • A vessel that is tacking must keep clear of a boat sailing a steady course.
  • Before the starting signal, all boats must stay behind the starting line. A boat that is over the line must go back fully behind the line and start again, keeping clear of other boats.
  • When approaching within three boat lengths of a mark or obstruction, the outside boat must give the inside boat enough room to round the mark or safely pass the obstruction (mark room). This does not apply at the starting line.
  • If a boat fouls another boat (e.g. hits or causes a right-of-way boat to change its course to avoid a collision), the boat at fault must get clear of all other boats and do a 720° penalty turn, as soon as possible. The turn must include two tacks and two gybes in the dame direction.
  • If any part of a boat hits a mark, the penalty is a 360° turn (one tack and one gybe in the same direction).