A View of the Sailing Season

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Dear returning and new SBSSA families,

Do you feel your Sundays are very quiet, long and with plenty of free time? Do not worry: it is going to change soon. The SBSSA 2016 sailing season will soon start.

Please attend this very important “Registration and Information” meeting on Friday, April 1st , at 7:00 PM at the Harbor meeting room. The room which is located at the SB Harbor right above the Chandlery on the second floor of the building in front of the SB Fish Market. The agenda for the meeting is the following:

  1. Overview of the changes from the 2015 season; this part is relevant to both returning families and new families

  2. General overview of the SBSSA; this part is more relevant to new families

  3. Registration for the 2016 season (2016 fees are listed below)

  4. Registration for boat rentals.

While new families listen to the second part of the presentation, returning families will have the opportunity to complete their registration. In order to keep the meeting short and effective, we need your cooperation with the following items:

  • One adult per family should attend the meeting; please no kids

  • Please download the attached registration form and fill it out in full

  • Bring your check book (we will not be able to accept cash or credit cards)

  • Families who will complete their annual registration at the meeting and pay the annual fees in full, will receive a pair of Jr. Harken sailing gloves for each enrolled skippers. THIS PROMOTION IS ONLY VALID ON THE NIGHT OF THE MEETING.

  • Please arrive on time. Since the 90 minutes parking is very popular on Friday nights I strongly recommend buying the $100 annual SB waterfront parking permit (http://www.santabarbaraca.gov/gov/depts/waterfront/parking/permits.asp ) before the meeting. It will not only allow you to easily find a parking spot the day of the meeting, but also to park close to the launch ramp during the whole SBSSA season. Parking permits can be purchased at the parking boot of the harbor.

A “MEET & GREET” fair will take place on the first day of the season (Sunday, April 10th). Please join us at the condos for a brunch, a SBSSA gadget sale, and the opportunity to buy high quality sailing gears at discounted price from Murray’s Sport. More details will follow.

SBSSA 2016 fees:

  • Sabot annual storage: $125/sabot

  • SBSSA membership annual fee: $100/family

  • Skipper annual fee: 10/skipper

  • Annual FEVA fee: $250

  • Sabot annual rental fee: $125 (it doesn’t not include the $125 annual condo fee)

About the opportunity to rent a Sabot, I would like you to be aware of the following rules:

  • The name of interested families will be collected during the Registration meeting on April 1st. In case the number of applicants exceeds the number of Sabots available, there will a lottery held at the end of the meeting to assign the Sabots.

  • The annual rent fee needs to be paid in full the night of the registration meeting

  • Only one sabot can be rented per family

  • Only novice skippers are eligible to rent a sabot

  • All families renting a sabot will need to sign a rental contract and a liability waiver.

  • All families renting a sabot will need to attend a mandatory boat repair session. Date and time TBD.

  • Rental Sabots will be assigned to families around the middle of April.

For any questions and/or concerns please contact me or check the SBSSA website www.sbssa.org

Marco Scussat

Commodore 2016

Email: commodore@sbssa.org

Cell: 805-680-1454

Webmaster SBSSA,
Mar 20, 2016, 12:24 PM