US Sabots

If you are a novice or in the B or C fleet, you will need to purchase your own boat. SBSSA uses one-design US Sabots. Boats may not be materially modified from their one-design class specifications. Once your skipper is moving onto the A-fleet (RS Tera), you will be able to re-sell your boat to a new incoming family.

If you have a boat for sail and would like to have it posted here, contact SBSSA Commodore.

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US Sabot Hull #8714 - asking $400

US Sabot meets principal specifications. Comes with mast, rudder, centerboard, paddle and new sail. Very light boat with a dry core but needs a minor fiberglass patch (size of a quarter) to watertight.

Asking price: $400

Contact: Steve (805-895-0666)


US Sabots - Formerly part of Club Rental Program - $400

SBSSA boats which used to be part of the rental program are on sale for $400.

Each boat includes: 1 sail, 1 mast, 1 boom, 1 tiller, 1 rudder, 1 dagger board

First come first serve.